Infinity Blade *iPhone*

Well I got Infinity Blade for my iPhone today (£3.49) and thought I would give a quick review. This game is great fun dodge and slash style game there is only a few levels/enemies (so far) there is a lot of weapons and other items to customise your character and master. When you master them you get a skill point to spend you also get skill points for leveling up. You spend them on Health, Attack, Shield and Magic. Normal XP and gold after battles and its very addictive. There is a store to buy new weapons and stuff every item has addons to help. You main weapon in this game is dodge, you have to dodge the attacks until you get a attack break and then you strike. So far i have only done 1 bloodline if you get this game you will understand what i mean. There is two fault i found with this game the battery life on my phone is gone and sometimes when you try and dodge it will delay and you get hit panic and cant stop messing up. I hope this doesnt put anyone off the game as its very good and for the price i got it for you cant go wrong. Enjoy