PSN Games

Well i have had Worms and Pain for some time and thought i would try some more games from the PSN. I got Shank, Costume Quest, Pac-Man CE:DX and UNO. The majority were price at around £8 and they are well worth it and what made it better was the fact you could get the trial first. Although Shank is a little frustrating at times when you’re doing well its very fun (Very Violant). Costume Quest is funny fun and easy to get in to. You get battle cards (Perks) you can use in battles. As you unlock new costumes you get new moves to use in free roam. Pac-Man is Pac Man but with Time Trail Free Play and is just as addictive as the original (Must have for any Gamer).

I started playing Costume Quest on 08/01/2011 at 11am and was on until 5pm i was totally engrossed in the game and felt like i had only been on for an hour. I see there is an add-on so will probably be getting it once i finish the first game.


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