My Quest For A Platinum Trophy

Well I have come close to my platinum on a lot of games but for the past few months I have been trying so hard to get a platinum. I only need 1 – 2 trophies on Medal Of Honor, CoD Black: Ops, Bad Comapny 2 & Borderlands. These trophies are not the hardest but they are just so tedious to get for example get to level 51 on Borderlands. The problem im having is just getting on and playing to get the last of the trophies I need.

BlackOps Zombie trophies: Getting on a game with people who want to play and can play not just run around and quit when they die.

Bad Company 2: Demo 2.0 Kills I think I need 20 and I have 1

I call this a quest its more like slow painless punishment until I get them, and after I do ill probably sell the games unless they have a good add on like Borderlands & BC2.


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