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Why port forward on PS3?

Are you struggling to join games of CoD and are your comms in-game a total mess, can you hear people but they can’t hear you? You probably did a google search to try to find a way around it so you can finally get a good game, the first thing you find which is what I looked in to was port forwarding on your router. Is port forwarding easy and does it work was my main question and I got the answer after about 5 minutes of looking HELLS NO. I logged into my router tried to port forward to the massive list of ports the games use on the PS3 and my internet stopped working reset my router and tried again, I would like to point out that every router menu is different not massively but different mine needs IP’s and all sorts to port forward and i think this is where i was going wrong after a few hours of losing connection and getting so frustrated I was going to throw the router out the window I stumbled upon a different way around it all together. Put your PS3 into a DMZ (demilitarized zone) on the router this a simple process and takes 10 minutes and not only that opens all ports and well anything else. The main question is how safe is this for your PS3 well it doesn’t have a OS like a pc where files can be dropped to access everything so in theory this is safe. If you have stumbled across my blog looking for port forwarding don’t bother use this link below to the Playstation community blog and don’t forget to thank Muster Buster as he wrote the guide.


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