Final Fantasy XIII (13)

The last Final Fantasy I played was Final Fantasy Seven which was released in November 1997 in the UK. I got this on release date for my trusty PS1 although I had 2 PS1’s my first lasted forever. Thirteen years later Final Fantasy Thirteen was released now this was released on multi platform so 360 & PS3 and although I own both I put of buying this game as I was unsure about whether or not I would enjoy a Turn Based RPG again.

Well Last Week (21st Jan 2010) I found a copy cheap and thought I would give it a go. You’re probably thinking all copies of this game will be cheap now as it’s dated but I wanted an original not a platinum edition. I hate all the yellow on the platinum cover. Well now I have a 7 week old wanting fed every 2-4 hours I don’t have that much time to play online games so while I’m waiting for him to wake up between 9pm and 12pm I jump on this as its single player I can pause it and do what I want then un-pause and go again.

After the first two chapters I started to get into the game and I am enjoying it very much the last one I played I’m sure your team took turns then the enemies took turns this time it’s on a timer so you have to wait for the ATB gauge (active time battle) to fill before you can perform your move. There are also different paradigms (classes) like medic, sentinel, ravagers & commando. You can set these up in the pause menu so you can have better attacking abilty like a strong attacker and a medic to heal.

You spend CP (Crystogen Points) earned from battles on crystarium which upgrades your abilites and character upgrades (Fire,Water, health, Magic ect) you get spoils (componets) from battles too many to list but once you unlock the Omni-kit you can use the components to upgrade your weapons and accessories.

The game isnt very hard to get the hang of and unless your listening to the story you will probably get sick of this game very easy in the beginning but give it time and you will start to enjoy.


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