Test Drive Unlimited 2

OMG i have wasted more money on a game which has the worlds worst graphics a mix of 8bit and crayons. You would think they would have made up for the poor graphics with great gameplay but it seems someone at Atari and Eden games thought it would be a good idea to match the playability of spyhunter.

Now i often get told to give games a chance i disagree, games should grab you from the start and keep you wanting to play, not punch you in the groin and steal your wallet. I have given this game a chance and i will keep playing as it cost £40, and well i need to get something for the £40 i spent. Maybe use the disc as a coaster and the box as a spare?

After the first few hours of playing i couldn’t get into the game the original was the BEST freeroam racing game around and probably still is Burnout Paradise an extremely close second.

You probably think im being harsh about this game but i think they sold a lot on release as people like me who loved the original expected the same, im sure this game was the number one seller on release. But after reading up on some Twitter posts im glad im not the only person who thinks this game is shit.

Still not used my pre order code as im hoping to sell on eBay very soon with the code to make a little more money back.


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