My GT5 Lounge

Well I did try a few races before the 1.06 update to GT5 and got 250 xp and 1000 cr but since the update 2000 Xp and 25000 Cr yes please. Started my own lounge on 20th Feb for a few races with friends and oh it was fun. I like the way anyone can edit the settings, like I said we were all friends so selection was agreed via comms. Tried with full Damage in the wet a few random tracks and it was great fun, im sure most the players who were in would agree. Then I found the Shuffle Race setting random cars for everyone we had chosen a dirt race and all got good cars for the job damaged was off and boy it was fun. unfortunately at the end of the night (11:45pm i had to feed my son) everyone chose Karts and had great fun in them. I will definitely be doing this again very soon.

I havent put TDU2 in my ps3 since release date. Wish I had saved my money, god it’s so disappointing. I keep hearing of an update but i dont know how anyupdate can fix it.

Still addicted to borderlands was playing all last night if you don’t own this game you have to get it its great fun after PT1 get add-ons for PT2 unless you get the GOTY edition as that comes with all the add-ons.


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