Killzone 3


I got my copy of Killzone 3 on Wednesday thanks to the nice people at and I havent even played the campaign yet I jumped straight on to multiplayer with a few friends. I have played two nights now for around 2 hours a night and have ranked up nicely this is a lot easier to get into then killzone 2 and im happy with the adjustments they have made to the multiplayer. For once a company has used the beta test to actually make a game better (update on release) see for full info on update. My main character I use is the Field Medic used him in KZ2 also and I like helping my team. my next character I will upgrade is the Engineer turrets and repair FTW. Not sure what guy uses the bots which fly in the sky and shoot the crap out of you but will be using that guy after Field Medic & Engineer.

I had an issue joining clan but I removed everything KZ3 off my PS3 beta, demo and user data and that seemed to have rectified the problem I clicked join and got straight into the clan. There was another issue I had I joined a squad with my friends and was put on the opposite team and even when there was space on the other teams it didn’t auto switch me to my squad and kept telling me to do their objectives and not my teams?

Had a great second night after removing all traces of beta and demo and im going to start the campaign over the weekend and probably during the week.

Anyone fancies doing a Co-Op Campaign comment or twitter me.


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