WWE Allstars (360)

While I was in Cyprus a saw the advert for this game and my mates son bought it so we have been playing it at a night time and we both enjoy the game, but its nothing like the normal RAW Smack Down games. On the original games if you press a key to counter it counters on this game you have to do it dead on within 1ms or it just won’t counter. We tried pressing keys at same time and everything and could only pull of a couple of counters?

Signature moves are quite easy to do and finishing moves too which makes it easy for a kid to play and get the hang of fast.

AI is a little hard to predict and makes the game frustrating as your trying to counter there counter while the countering you counter (Tongue twister lol)

Only really 3 missions and 13 events but more then enough to keep you entertained.

You can play Andre the Giant Vs Hulk Hogan along with many other stars to be honest the GFX for this game make it more fun, it’s cartoon style makes it more for kids.

I’m a FPS gamer but if I get bored of playing them I would defiantly pick this game up to play for a break.


Portal 2 (360)

I borrowed Portal 2 off a friend for my 360 as PSN has been down and there is laughter, puzzles and a great story all mixed into one making a very enjoyable game. I’m a FPS kind of guy and love most and I love this game too only about 50% into the game and still very enjoyable.

Not much I can say about the game but its fun to play but once I’m finish wont play again.

Glad its on loan rather then £40 as I don’t think it’s really worth that although it is a great game.


Socom Special Forces OFFLINE Review

As PSN has been down I am going to write a Quick review on Socom Special Forces OFFLINE.

Well I’m currently 79% into the single player game and I love this game, I keep forgetting its third person and the GFX are great. I have completed every Custom level and I’m a little bored so hope it’s as good online. Think this is more online rather then offline but single player is great. Trophies are easy for all those trophy whores, still some hard ones and plenty of hidden.

Only really found a few bad points.

First one is when you try and get in to cover and have to press the O button 3 – 4 times and then he will get into cover?

Second when you stealth kill an enemy and he/she falls into the light on the stealth missions and alerts the guards? (Pressing O franticly try to stop it and picking up body to hide)

Third this might not be 100% but I’m sure I have only died 10 times on my story mode but I have 30 deaths on my stats? I do restart level and revert to last checkpoint a lot which I think adds a death.

Zipper look to be trying to get in on the FPS genre with there third person shooter. GFX and sound are great story is ok but enjoyable. This is nothing like Black Ops so it’s not a CoD killer but is its own game and they have done a great job.

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PSN Outage

Well the day I got back from Cyprus PSN went down and now the details are flooding in. I thought I would put my opinion out on the situation.

Between the 17 and 19th April 2011 hackers hacked into the PlayStation Network and Qriocity. I think they found out as disbanded Dev accounts had been logged into and flagged up on there internal security system. Once this happened they then turned off the PSN and got in an outside company to asses the damage. The outside company then notice account detail system had been accessed by the Dev accounts. Sony then released this information to its users.

The above is what I think happened after reading through the details we have received plus some speculation.

Now I’m a PSN user and my details might have been compromised but I’m not playing the blame game and pointing my finger at Sony, if anyone is to blame it’s the hackers. Sure security should have been a little stronger and that’s what Sony is now working on.

The timescale for a network rebuild with Millions of users is unknown and that’s why we have not received a date when the PSN will be back up. I’m not over the moon about this but if it makes PSN safer I’m happy.

I will continue to play on PSN once it’s back up and running as it’s a free service and you don’t have to pay £40 a year subscription like on XBL.

As for the details obtained by the hackers is still unknown im not cancelling my credit card or changing my details.

My credit card details have been stolen twice and my bank account once? I’m as safe as I can be online and therefore can only blame the sites/companies I use (eBay, Amazon, Play.Com etc) which have been in the news at some point with account information breaches. I still use these companies as most credit card and banks have theft protection. If you see suspicious activities on any of your accounts you have 60 days to report it and they normally issue new cards and refund stolen monies.


Been away

Well since KZ3 was released I was trying for my platinums on my fav games and got some. Then I got Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising to try and get used to it before Red River. Then early April I went away to Cyprus for a mates wedding. Just got back a few days ago and in the post was two new games Socom and Red River but as most will know PSN was hacked and has been down 😦 well will post again in a few days with Socom and Red River reviews (Offline).