Socom Special Forces OFFLINE Review

As PSN has been down I am going to write a Quick review on Socom Special Forces OFFLINE.

Well I’m currently 79% into the single player game and I love this game, I keep forgetting its third person and the GFX are great. I have completed every Custom level and I’m a little bored so hope it’s as good online. Think this is more online rather then offline but single player is great. Trophies are easy for all those trophy whores, still some hard ones and plenty of hidden.

Only really found a few bad points.

First one is when you try and get in to cover and have to press the O button 3 – 4 times and then he will get into cover?

Second when you stealth kill an enemy and he/she falls into the light on the stealth missions and alerts the guards? (Pressing O franticly try to stop it and picking up body to hide)

Third this might not be 100% but I’m sure I have only died 10 times on my story mode but I have 30 deaths on my stats? I do restart level and revert to last checkpoint a lot which I think adds a death.

Zipper look to be trying to get in on the FPS genre with there third person shooter. GFX and sound are great story is ok but enjoyable. This is nothing like Black Ops so it’s not a CoD killer but is its own game and they have done a great job.


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