WWE Allstars (360)

While I was in Cyprus a saw the advert for this game and my mates son bought it so we have been playing it at a night time and we both enjoy the game, but its nothing like the normal RAW Smack Down games. On the original games if you press a key to counter it counters on this game you have to do it dead on within 1ms or it just won’t counter. We tried pressing keys at same time and everything and could only pull of a couple of counters?

Signature moves are quite easy to do and finishing moves too which makes it easy for a kid to play and get the hang of fast.

AI is a little hard to predict and makes the game frustrating as your trying to counter there counter while the countering you counter (Tongue twister lol)

Only really 3 missions and 13 events but more then enough to keep you entertained.

You can play Andre the Giant Vs Hulk Hogan along with many other stars to be honest the GFX for this game make it more fun, it’s cartoon style makes it more for kids.

I’m a FPS gamer but if I get bored of playing them I would defiantly pick this game up to play for a break.


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