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Nothing Comes To Plan

After my last post I promised to post a few of my normal quick reviews but I obviously haven’t. Socom, Brink, Red River and Infamous have taken up most of my Spare time. My gaming has been different lately I have been stuck in a loop trying to get platinum trophies on my PS3 and totally ignoring my 360. This is probably due to the fact that with the PSN outage all I wanted to do was finish any single player games I could get my hands on. I still want to do reviews on a few games and give my opinion on the PSN outage but I currently only have the time to make this quick note.

Work is currently taking up most of my time and as I am getting put on random shifts I don’t have the time to game or blog as much as I would like to.

Last weekend I had a spare day and my mate loaned me Dirt 3 and Call of Juarez The Cartel on the 360. I would love to give an online review but Dirt needs an online pass and I couldn’t get into a MP game on Call Of Juarez.

I Liked Dirt but between races is full of chatter and is very slow in the menus. The racing aspect I think is the same as all the other Dirt games but to put it frank if its not broken don’t fix it.

Call Of Juarez is graphically on par with the first Call of Juarez so four years and nothing has changed. Gameplay is slow and lacks enjoyment. Only played the first few missions and wasn’t feeling the game.


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