PSN Outage

When the PSN went down this was big news worldwide and lots of gamers traded in the PS3 for a 360 or even a Wii. I like most people am disappointed that the PSN wasn’t changed to stop the backdoor being open which sony admit they knew about. That said I think Sony have handled it very well, I know it was down for almost 2 months but I would prefer it to be down and fixed then up and hackable. There was conflicting stories all over the place, yes the files with personal details were not encrypted but the information on the files was.

Welcome Back/Gratitude pack

They gave everyone a month free of PSN+ which may have been a ploy to make people take out the subscription on it, looking at my friends list I see a lot of people with + still. Now the free games 😉 I have 4 accounts on PSN USA, Japan, Asia and UK and as you get two free games per account I have managed to get eight free games. I checked with official Sony employees who have told me if my accounts were opened before the down date this is totally legal.

Wipeout HD
Rachet & Clank Search for Booty

Stardust HD

Hustle Kings
Trash Panic

Last Guy
Loco roco (forgot full Name lol)

All of these and accessible on all accounts this was worth it being down, although some aren’t as good as others they were all free.


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