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Don’t Judge a Game By Its Demo

People say “don’t judge a book by its cover” the same goes for demos, I tried the Drive San Francisco Demo when it first came onto PSN and thought to myself, they have killed a classic. I had in my mind that I would never buy the game, as I just didn’t like the demo. Maybe if the demo was more free ride and less only two missions it would have been more enjoyable, and I have the feeling other people felt the same.


I persuaded a friend of mine who’s 360 has just RRoD to get a PS3 as I don’t play on XBL anymore, as I just cant justify the money for playing online a few times a month. Well he got a few games in a bundle as well as a few games I have, in the bundle he got Driver San Francisco and he loves it. Well needless to say day after day of head blagging he decided to bring it to mine so I could have a go. And I was to say the least presently surprised, single player is as fun as Burnout Paradise and even as good as Test Drive Unlimited 1 which is in my eyes one of the best free ride games ever.


As he was out and about on Saturday and most of Sunday he left the game with me, I was enjoying the single player more and more. So on Sunday I had to order it, I hope I get it tomorrow as my fellow OAP’s are setting up an Event which should be good.

 So i come to the conclusion that in the future I won’t judge a game by its demo, as I might miss out on a gem like driverSan Francisco.


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