Skyrim Addict

Before Christmas I tried to get most of my currently unfinished games finished, with the likes of BF3 and Batman: Arkham City taking most of my time, I needed to make all my purchases worth the money.

I finished Batman: Arkham City (not the challenges tho) and decided to finish Operation Flashpoint: Dragin Rising, I purchased it just before Red River was released to try and get used to it.

I had purchased a few games before Christmas to fill the time before the March releases.

L.A Noire
Dirt 3

I had a few games on Dirt 3 with my PSN friends and can say its a great game, I was going to start Bulletstorm but decided to start Skyrim. I’m now 22 hours in and can’t stop playing. I have finished two main quests and have spent most of my time doing side missions.

I don’t normally like this kind of game but I did play Oblivion and enjoyed it but it was a jump on an hour, every now and again, this time it’s different I can’t stop playing. I give myself a few hours a night and always go over, last night I gave myself an hour, and at 11pm had all the intentions to goto bed, then at 1am I had no choice but to turn it off. This has now been happening for a week I’m shattered but still can’t help but play. And as I’m writing typing this all I can think about is playing for a few more hours.

This is turning into addiction and I’m not the only one. A few people I have met over GetGlue are just as addicted 160 hours plus into the game, that’s dedication.


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