The DLC and Online Pass Saga

You have saved money to get a new game, in the UK it amounts to around £40. Well after a couple of months you decide to get the next great game, your choices are simple to sell or trade. The problem with this is the used value of games has dropped, and not by a little, but by a lot. This is due to bloody online passes, most EA games now require an online pass and if you sell your games you have to take a £7.99 hit for the online pass value. A couple of titles have done the correct thing, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City comes to mind, you don’t get an online pass probably due to the fact it’s a single player game, but buying the game new you get access to a second storyline, now buying the game second hand you don’t lose anything and you still get to enjoy the full game. Driver: San Francisco you get to trial the online and if you don’t like it you don’t have to use the online code and the value of it second hand will be more. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 gives you the choice you still get the great game with both single player or online play but if you want the extra you pay a subscription for the Elite program mainly clan and stat based, but you also get the map DLC for your subscription.


Now I like the online pass idea, in theory it’s the developer’s way of getting cash from the second hand market and paying for servers etc. But doing this is affecting the gamers who buy the games from new. Maybe if the online pass was £2.99 its still cash in there pocket and cash in the pockets of the release day buyers who want to trade or sell, the same people who give there games its spot on the games chart.


In my opinion Downloadable Content that’s on the disc on release should be stopped, if it’s on the disc you have you shouldn’t have to pay as you have already bought the game and purchased all the data on the disc. And as if that isn’t bad enough the likes of Dirt 3 OMFG there is enough DLC to warrant buying the game 3 fold, a track for £6.99 and 3 car livery for £3.99 and there are a lot of livery. Then there are the FPS map packs 3 maps for £6.99, the likes of the Bad Company 2 had a full new game as DLC this was pure genius £12.99 and it gave the game a total new look and for me was great and a fresh new feel to the game. With Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 there Elite subscribers will get a map pack a month and the non elite players will get 3 months of maps as a DLC to purchase 4 times a year. If the DLC extends the life of a game great, but if it’s just added in desperation to get more revenue maybe you should think again before you lose all you gamers to the competition.


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