Skyrim – My first 60 hours

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I’m still addicted to this game and every night since I started playing it has been spent playing for 3+ hours, much to the dismay of my partner who seems to think gaming is a pointless waste of time but having hundreds of shoes is completely normal. My first 20 hours were spent exploring and doing mainly side quests, around the 26 hour mark I started doing the main quests. After so many hours of exploring making money and getting better weapons you would think the game would be easier, I can only surmise that the enemies in this game level up with you as some animals I could kill in a few slashes now take a little longer to kill even with a Ebony Legendary sword. Although I do mix it up with side quest from one place main quest from another the story seems to be pretty good. Not too difficult to follow and if you forget something it will come back to you when you need to know. I bought a lot of spell books early into the game and think this was a bad decision on my part, as I have found most spells multiple times and some I am still unable to use. I also upgraded most of my armour and weapons from the start but this was probably one of the best things I could have done, I currently have smithing level 95. Most of my other skills are still low especially after 60+ hours but some which I use the most are level 40+. Although in the game you do have plenty of choice for followers I have only ever usedLydiaas she was my first and seems to do the job well enough, although sometimes she is a little dippy and run’s into danger like Rambo. I own two houses one in Solitude and in Whiterun my main house is Whiterun as I got it first and have filled it with everything I had collected.

 There seems to be lots of problems with the game, quest glitches and lag on the PS3 but fortunately the only one I have encountered was a mission I did backwards and had to do it again forward and luckily it worked and I finished it.

 This game is still going to keep me entertained for hopefully a little longer and in my eyes its worth the cash as most of the current games have only 6 hour of single player and are not worth the cost.


2 thoughts on “Skyrim – My first 60 hours

  1. wnjay23 says:

    I love the game best. 60 bucks ever spent on a video game. Lucky I dont need to worry about my partner geting mad playing her a my son are in bed when I get off work otherwise she’d be pissed.

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