Skyrim – One Hundredth Hour

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Well maybe I was a bit too excited about not getting any glitches in the first 60 hours but today after hitting one hundred hours of playing has shown me that glitches are inevitable. Luckily for me the 1.4 patch is due out today on 360 and PS3 and my three glitched quests should be finish by the end of tonight. Well in the last 40 hours I have been doing main quests and random thieves guild and champions jobs, these seem to keep me entertained enough in between the main quests.

There has still not been any down points to this game except the fact I collect every weapon while I’m in a dungeons, caves or towers and then become over cumbersome. There is a reason for this I have discovered that leaving items on a person’s body will keep the body where it dies and going back to a few places more then once I have discovered bodies still there. After removing all items from the bodies and going back the bodies have disappeared. Doing this, I can only assume will help the PS3 users, as lag seems to be a problem, although I have only ever had a problem when jumping to a busy city.

I remember in Oblivion on my 360 having a grand mansion with enough room for all my special armours and weapons this seems to have been spread out between the five main houses you can get on Skyrim and makes people like me with what I can only think is bad OCD fill a single house with all my items.

Anyway my main armour has changed from my Deadric to the Nightingale although I still use all Deadric weapons. I have also been using a lot of magic, summoning Storm atronach while running between places and healing with magic rather then potions. I find doing this is a good way to increase your Magic skills, I’m trying to get my magic skills up to increase the power of my attacks although I don’t use magic much during battles.

I can’t really go into much depth on what I have been doing as it would leave my post full of spoilers.  

 If you want to see what will be in today’s update click here: BethBlog


One thought on “Skyrim – One Hundredth Hour

  1. wnjay23 says:

    Really wish I had some clue as to how far along in the game I am have five games ive not even opened since getting skyrim that says alot about how good a game is

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