PlayStation 3 Web Browser

PlayStation update 4.10 made a quick change to the service agreement which basically changed the name from PlayStation Network to Sony Entertainment Network. But the update also updated the web browser which increased speed and added more flash support, I sometimes use sites to stream US shows which are unavailable in the UK and normally did this on my laptop. I tested this on the PS3 a while back and had no joy, so I thought I would try it again after the update and the site works. YouTube seems to also run better although video quality isn’t great, lots of other sites also work now and didn’t work or did but not very well.

I haven’t had a chance to do a full test of the browser yet, but from what I have tested this I a great update no other console has a browser and making the PS3 better can only make it stronger on the market.

Let’s hope a YouTube app will come next 😉


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