7 Day Skyrim Break

I gave myself a break from my usual OD on Skyrim, there have been a few good demos on PSN and XBL lately, so i jumped on and tried a few out. I have a few mates who phone from time to time to play MW3 which I have for the 360 so I played that a couple of days.

Then I spent a day sorting my PS3 HDD its 250gb and was full, I removed all my old game data for most of the games I no longer own or have finished. My free space went from 15gb – 145gb I could have removed a lot more but as it was late at night by the time I had finished so I decided to get my ass to bed.

I then looked at my V+ box and thought I had better get some of my recorded shows watched to free some space. This lead to almost a week without me playing a game, I then played Uncharted 3 with some of my fellow OAP’s and Chums on the Tuesday.

Due to PS+ users getting Far Cry 2 for free I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday playing that. Not a bad game although I found a few hiccups I will be blogging about these later in the week.

Well last night I put Skyrim back on and couldn’t get back into it, it felt slow, I know it’s a slow game, jebus I have played it for 150 hours. I died a few times and spent the rest of the night re fighting a dragon which wouldn’t die, then in a fit of rage turned it off. I thought to myself your tired, wait till tomorrow and try again, I turned my PS3 on this morning and played again for an hour which turned into two as it always does with Skyrim, and I felt the same I’m not sure if I’m just pissed off at it due to the glitched quests I cant complete or if that’s it and the game has lost its initial appeal.

Only time will tell.


One thought on “7 Day Skyrim Break

  1. wnjay23 says:

    Sounds like you might be burnt out after150 hours..I’ve been playing other games myself last few days but can’t wait to get to skyrim but if ssx is any good it might wait longer ..if there was something I could change would be the shit tons of missions it makes me feel like im getting no were but I do want the platinum trophy an by the time I get close the dlc will be so mabey skyrim will take a year to finish

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