FarCry 2 – Thumbs up from me

This month PlayStation Plus subscribers got FarCry 2 free, and also this month the trailer which has been leaked three times before was also released for FarCry 3. I’m not sure if this was ploys in order for people to get a taste of FarCry 2 see the trailer and think I’m getting FarCry 3, but that’s what it looks like to me. I have had FarCry on PC and Far Cry 2 on 360 and PS3. The game is a little repetitive but I love it, running through a jungle and then across a desert and getting chased by Jeeps its great fun. The game itself doesn’t have the greatest GFX but there still good, there is a huge community of players who made maps which are available to play in multiplayer and after giving the map maker a quick go for 30 Minutes on the weekend I can honestly say its not for the faint hearted, I got nowhere in the time I tried.

This all said until it was free to PS+ users I never tried the Multiplayer game. Over the last weekend I had a chance to try the multiplayer game with the help of my fellow OAP and PS Friends.

Ranked games are almost impossible to join with your friends as you can’t send invites to ranked matches. The only way I found to get around it is to make a ranked game on the mode you want with a specific map, set the players need to 16 and then message all your friends you want to play with to search for the map. After they join change the map rotation and lower the players to however many there is in the game and hey presto you and your friends are in a ranked game. I had two games with a friend and it kept disconnecting us both so we would have to do it all again.

Multiplayer is great fun on this game as you rank up you level up your weapons using blood diamonds, not a bad feature. The only thing I found to be a problem is healing you can heal yourself which is great but no matter how damaged you are it always takes the same amount of time to heal yourself. Ammo doesn’t last too long and when the game gets full there is slight lag which depending on the map size depends on how bad it is. Sneaking up behind an enemy and hacking him to death with my machete and all of a sudden he’s behind me shooting me. Also there does seem to be level matching in the game I’m not sure if it was just due to PS+ players just starting but we were evenly matched until the few level 13 players started to join.

The maximum players for Multiplayer is 16 and the four game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond (Capture the flag), and Uprising. Uprising mode  has captains that have to capture points on the map and the other team has to try and kill him after capturing all the points to win.

It has six classes. The Commando who has an assault rifle, the Sharpshooter who has a sniper rifles, the Guerrilla who has shotguns, the Rebel who has flamethrowers and rocket launchers, the Gunner has light machine guns and rocket launchers, and the Saboteur has silenced weapons . Each class can choose a primary weapon and a side arm, as well as explosives such as frag grenades or Molotov cocktails. You can unlock new weapons by using upto three blood diamonds on each class. You earn the diamonds by gaining experience points from killing other players and completing objectives. Using the same weapons over and over upgrade the weapons within a class include operation manuals, maintenance manuals, and bandoliers. You are awards points for killing enemy players, reviving you teammates, capturing control points, and capturing diamonds.

Snipeing on large maps is very hard unless you have had a lot of practice, I was shooting some players 3-4 times and then getting sniped myself. Other times I was getting a headshot instant kill (not too often though)

I use the Saboteur class most of the time as the silenced weapons are great when you want to be stealthy and sneak up on your enemies.

I have had FarCry 3 on preorder for months now and can’t wait for it to be released.





All above courtesy of UBISOFT YouTube Channel


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