Skyrim Has Left The Building

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Well after 200 hours of playing and enjoying this great game, I have finally decided to eBay it, there are two reasons, the first being me having 4 glitched quests and I can no longer get the platinum trophy. I had only just finished the main story and then spent 10+ hours searching for the deadric artifacts, after a three hour search and no more artifacts found i had no choice but to check online to see a list. When i found the list my heart sank, i had messed up two Deadric Quests, you can mess up one and can still get the Oblivion Walker trophy but i had messed up the only two you can. I could start again to get the trophy but after 200 hours of playing a game you kind of think thats enough time spent on one game. There was still a few trophies i needed to get, Dark Brotherhood and a couple of simple ones like getting married.

If your planning on getting a game which could keep you playing for hours, this game is for you, I got mine cheap and if i had of paid full price for it, i would still think it was worth every penny.

Luckily the update has stopped the gliching quests for new players, but for the early adopters who stuck at it like me, we basically got a raw deal, the same thing happened in Obilvion for me I got 3 glitched quests and couldn’t get all the trophies. I know trophies aren’t everything but there you claim to game. People can look at your trophies and think jebus this guy has so many platinum’s and these games are hard.

Luckily I have a few game to fill in my time, i haven’t even started Battlefield 3 single player and La Noire.


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