Game’s How Many Is Too Many and How Much Is Too Much

I have always agreed with the fact that you can only play on one game at a time, so having a collection of 30+ isn’t really for me. Last week a decided to put all my old games on eBay, i managed to sell 4 out of the 10 i put up. Why didnt they sell, was i expecting to much from them, or maybe the games just aren’t wanted?

So this brings me to my first question I asked myself how many games are too many? Well I currently have eight which I still play or haven’t started to play yet, is eight too many, I dont think so, I have a good mix of FPS, Driving and adventure. I have family and friends with huge collections, and the reason they have a huge collection is they don’t sell them, after a few months the games are normally worth less then £5 and after spending £40 on a game getting £5 back isn’t too appealing. The other downside is the current excess of online passes on most current games, mainly from Sony & EA, this decreases the value from the moment you put the pass into the console to play online. Now the way i look at this is, £5 for a game your probably never going to play again is better then nothing for a game your never gonna play again. So getting £5 off your next game for every game you sell, you sell four thats your next game half price. So how many games is too many games? The answer is impossible to answer because at the end of the year if you have 100 games you still don’t have too many games because next year there will be a hundred more out there.

The second question I ask myself is how much is too much to spend on games? On average there is about 60 games released a month on multiple formats, not all games are available on your console, so I’m gonna be choosing the PS3 as an example, out of the 60 a month say only 12 will be for the PS3 and out of the 12 not all will appeal to everyone, so if out of the 12 a month you want 3 thats £120 a month so £1440 a year thats if you get all the games you want on release, now I don’t get every game on release but if I did would £1440 be too much to spend on games or even £120 a month? I think it is, so now I have started to play all my games to the death and then sell them for £5 getting me £5 off my next game. So how much is too much? Again its impossible to say, how much is too much?


Please leave a comment below on what you think is too many and how much is too much, Thanks.


One thought on “Game’s How Many Is Too Many and How Much Is Too Much

  1. wnjay23 says:

    I currently have 30 but I usually get mine on sell or a deal at gamestop so that number doesn’t make me feel that bad…when the next big game comes out all sell 2,3,4 of them get an extra 15 bucks from gamestop an whatever they sell for an probably get the game free so I’m ok with having a big collection.

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