My Vita

Well i got myself a vita a few weeks back and have had a good play on it, my first impressions is its great, but it does have some flaws. The first is the web browser it lacks the most basic features and is slow and sluggish, the second is the data connection, it frequently disconnects when using 3G or WiFi when it goes into safe/sleep mode, so basically if you pause the game when you run to the toilet or make a coffee you come back and its disconnected.

Games wise the gfx and game play is great, its supposedly PS3 quality gfx but i wouldn’t go that far, they are the best hand held gfx on the market and are very close to PS3 but just off. The front and back touch pads are very sensitive which sometimes is a let down when you touch the screen by accident.

Although there isn’t a lot of games released for it, there is a great mix, I’m enjoying Uncharted Golden Abyss, Unit 13 and Wipeout 2048 which are retail games i own, and Escape Plan and Motorstorm RC which are PSN games.

Uncharted Golden Abyss

Its another of this great action adventure series and the first game i got for my vita, it makes great use of the front and back touch screen and has all the same gameplay style of the rest of the series. Treasure hunting, run and gun, puzzles and stealth, all the makings of a awesome game.

Unit 13

This is the first First Person Shooter for the Vita and is unfortunately the last game from  Zipper Interactive as they were shut down by there parent company last week. There isn’t very many maps for this game, but with the different game modes and the dynamic mode (random missions) the game is pretty much ever lasting. As the first FPS this game had to pave the way for future FPS games, and i think they have, they have used all the features required for a FPS shooter great controls and dynamics. Cover system ideal for stealth and weapon unlock and customisation adds a little more to the game.

Wipeout 2048

Same as all the rest really but still a great game, if you like the series its a must have. Its one of them games where you can jump on and play over and over.

If you wait the price will probably drop, and more games will be released as the weeks go on, I’m impressed and very happy that i have bought it.