My New Vita Games (Birthday Gifts)

Well it was my birthday the other day and I asked for a couple of PS Vita games, Everybody’s Golf and Little Deviants, being a family man and at that age where birthdays are just another day I spent the day in soft play with my son and didn’t have a chance to play until late on in the day, the first game i played was Little Deviants.

Little Deviants Logo

Little Deviants

Not a bad game I like mini game games like frobisher says (Wario Ware Style Game) but this game is more like a promo for all the control features the Vita has. To be honest there a little over sensitive which in some games is great but in others, not so much. You start with two unlocked games Rolling pastures where you use the rear touch pad to move the ground and make your deviant roll around the map collecting stars and keys, I found this game very sensitive as the rear touch screen was  either on or off no in between. The second is Botz Invasion you use the rear camera and augmented reality to shot robots out of the sky as they try and grab your Deviants. I like this game although you need to be able to turn totally around in order to see the Botz. Every time you get a medal in game you unlock a new game i could go into all the details of all the games I have unlocked but I think its best for you just to try the Demo first. I have read other peoples thoughts on the game and I agree with there opinion of the game being like a promotion for the device features rather then a fully thought out game. I think for a game under £20 you will have fun and get more used to the controls the more you play, others say avoid this game but I like it and would recommend it if you don’t mind waiting to unlock the better games. I would rate this game 3/5 until you unlock more games and it raises to 4/5.

After a few hours of playing Little Deviants I Jumped on Everybody’s Golf.

Everybody's Golf Logo

Everybody’s Golf

I play Everybody’s Golf World Tour on my PS3 ages ago and loved it, and in my opinion its the best golf game out there. The Vita version does the franchise proud with all the features from the original game and all in your hand, controls are easy, and even for a beginner easy to get used to. plenty of courses and unlockables to buy with your in game credit, leader board to try and beat your friends score and online multiplayer. I would give it a 4.5/5 rating.

Out of the two I find Everybody’s Golf the most fun to play but Little Deviants is fun to fill 10 mins now and again.


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