No Games Until September

I have just checked my pre orders and realised after Killzone Vita in 10 days, I have nothing else on order until September :-O

I will still be buying games like Dirt Showdown and Max Payne 3 but there is nothing coming out that screams out at me, to be totally honest this is great for me as i still have loads of games i need to finish. My current gaming time is taken up by Far Cry 2 (Im trying to get the platinum) and Starhawk. Checking in my pile of games i still have Ghost Recon Future Soldier and LA Noire sealed and waiting for me to play :-\

With the likes of BattleField 3, Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 still waiting to be finished im starting to think i have bitten off more then i can chew.

I have 3 hours a day of PS3 or 360 gaming during the week and if I’m lucky a few more hours on the weekend, not including my 2 hours a day on my Vita during lunch and breaks at work. Unfortunately with me being on night shift 15 weeks of the year I have 15 weeks a year of next to no gaming an hour a day if I can find the time.


3 thoughts on “No Games Until September

  1. The times when there is nothing coming out for months I find are the most exciting, I finally get to play the games that I couldn’t afford on intial release, and I am so far behind. But how could you leave Uncharted 3 unfinished?! That’s just criminal!

    • I do play Uncharted 3 every Tuesday, but only online, I think I have only done 3 missions in the single player and i have been meaning to spend a weekend getting it finished, but cant find the time.

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