BattleField 3 – The Quest For Platinum (Again)

So after 12 hours in total playing BattleField 3 single player last week, I finished the Campaign on hard, although¬†i think i could have¬†finished in around 9 hours if my game didnt glitch. That was¬†followed¬†by a great weekend of Double XP, i then had a quick glance at the trophies i still needed to get, and asked a friend to help me out with the Co-Op. Turn’s out this is a hidden desire of shear greatness which¬†hidden behind the mass¬†that is multiplayer. Although there seemed to be Comms lag we got used to each others gaming style,¬†we soon found a great combo, i was shooting first and my friend taking the second shot (On The Trophy Specific Missions) which help us clear Co-Op on easy and get the mission specific trophies.¬†I have now set¬†my¬†goal¬†on the¬†the BattleField 3 platinum, there are four more trophies i need to get and then its all about the Multiplayer. Hopefully on Wednesday my friend will be joining me to finish Co-Op on hard and get the last Mission specific trophy.

If you havent played Co-Op on this game you have missed a great addition to the game that you can jump on when you dont really want to play online with the masses. I had already finished the first two mission when the game was first released, but with the lag and other problems it wasnt really up to much, although it seems to be great now.

Get your ass on Co-Op and see if you enjoy it as much as me.


You can’t get any closer then close quarters – BF3

With my unexpected return to Battlefield 3 two weeks ago¬†I¬†have gone from rank 18 – 34.5. There has been two double XP weekends, which has helped a lot.¬†I normally play conquest with the rest of my friends, but always seem to get a low score, as¬†I¬†bought Premium and have close quarters I decided to try some up close and personal action. Some games I manage to get 20,000 xp minimum and 100,000 on average this has made my rank shoot up. I was a low rank to start and think this has enticed me to play more, I agree with most peoples view on Close Quarters, it’s more like an attempt to get CoD fans to switch to Battlefield. I’m not a huge CoD fan, I prefer games that advance CoD has stood still with minor tweaks.

My first game on Conquest Domination ended very fast and with a very low score, I was using a¬†assault¬†rifle and my enemies were using shotguns. The second game I switched to a 870MCS and after unlocking some new addons dominated, and then I managed to unlock the SPAS-12 and continued to dominate in style. I have since been switching between classes to unlock up to Service Stars, meaning I’m unlocking all the guns for every class.

I have however been kicked from games for using the shotguns, although the enemies who’s server it was had a shotgun himself. I would like to point out that if your the admin for a server¬†obey your own rules rather then breaking them. No base rape or spawn camping too, they do it and when you do it back you get kicked. I think EA/Dice should let you report servers that do this to stop the Bullshit from happening.

The four new maps for Close Quarters are tight corridors with some medium sized open space and the maps have the usual destructive¬†personality i think you can destroy about 90% of them and the game just keeps going ūüôā

Can’t wait for the Armoured Kill Expansion, Huge maps with mass vehicles ūüôā its all about the twisted metal.


Time for some single player games

After a few months/years of playing mainly online games, with the habit of playing single player now and again, I decided on Sunday that I would actually play and finish a single player game. Now as I have just spent £40 on Battlefield 3 Premium I chose that game.

If I’m going to play a single player game, I always check the Trophies/Achievements, if you need to finish the game on Hard why start it on easy. I also see if there are any mission trophies/achievements too and Battlefield 3 is full of them, some hard and some easy.

 I kicked it off Monday afternoon with a fresh game on hard, I got stuck on Operation Guillotine L there seemed to be an objective I couldn’t do, well after numerous restarts and load last checkpoint, I ended up rushing past the objective and got stuck again L further into the game. Well I called it a day and on Tuesday started from where I got stuck, luckily I got past the part I got stuck on. Well last night I got up to the second last mission and I’m currently trying to get the headshot the wooden target trophies.

 As I mainly play multiplayer I never really thought of the story line for Battlefield 3 until playing it, to be totally honest it’s a bit of a muddle you’re here one minute, there the next, and at some point you’re in the middle. That said I’m following the story and it’s not bad, it’s not the best but it’s keeping me in the game and that what the story line of a game should do.

 After playing this I have decided to try and concentrate more on single player and a little less on multiplayer, I have about 6 games I have either never played or have finished the first mission then only played multiplayer.  

 After paying £80 in total for the game and the add on I can tell you I’m happy, and I still have 3 DLC to get later this year and next.

 The only thing I’m left thinking now is what to play next?


My Virginmedia TiVo

After a long and painful phone call to India and the disappointing fact that if I change me services it would cost me more for less. I decided to call back for a second opinion and saved myself some cash got a free TiVo box kept my V+ box. Not sure why Virginmedia outsource there call centres, the UK based do a perfect job and the one in India seems to be unable to help with anything.

Virgin has brought out a new group of bundles called the collection,¬†I¬†downgraded my internet to save a little cash but got a TiVo box and multi-room for free. I had to wait 2 weeks for an install but around 30 mins after the engineer arrived i was up and running. Its been a week and I’m not sure how I lived without TiVo before, its¬†recommendations¬†are unreal and I’m now watching more shows then ever, even shows I never thought about watching before. Just a few clicks of the thumbs up or thumbs down and it starts¬†recommending, I’m still new to TiVo and its not difficult to use but i do make the odd mistake. It has laods of apps, i have only used ¬†Spotify and YouTube apps but they are better then my laptop at¬†handling¬†most of this stuff.

If your a Virgin customer i would highly recommend you phone to see about getting an upgrade or joining a new collection. You wont be disappointed.


E3 My Personal Breakdown

With the end of E3 I wanted to do my breakdown of what¬†I¬†thought of the show, now before I start I want to say I have no love for¬†Nintendo¬†and so I¬†didn’t¬†even watch there conference and from internet chitter chatter I¬†haven’t¬†missed anything. The highlight of E3 in my view has to be Ubisoft, there a game developer and so they showed games¬†whereas Sony and Microsoft did there best to show of Software updates rather then games. I’m a multi platform gamer so i¬†don’t¬†see myself as¬†biased, but out of the Sony and Microsoft, Microsoft had the best looking show but i was¬†underwhelmed with the games they had to offer. The Sony conference looked muddled and i was overwhelmed by images although there games did appeal to me. Not only that but as a PS+ member they gave us 10 games for free and in the EU every 4 weeks three games will be added and trhee removed. There was a total of 50+ gb of games for free games and the value of the games was over ¬£300. I have been a XBox Live gamer since the original xbox and i¬†haven’t¬†seen anything for free and that been for ¬£40 a year ūüė¶

Now for the games ūüôā I’m only going to talk about games that stood out for me and ones that¬†disappointed.

From the Ubisoft conference they had two games that I had heard of and one that took me by total surprise, that said they also had other games in other conferences. We have all heard of Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed 3 but they showed more action for both and new and improved weapons for Assassins Creed 3 the likes of the Bow and the new and improved hidden blade. The game although to me just the same as the others is looking great and I have placed my pre order. Far Cry 3 has been on my watch list for some time now and they showed off more action from the game and also the 4 player Co Op mode and I can tell you this appeals to me in a big way.

The Cherry on the cake was Watch Dogs, omg this game is totally original and has a totally original story line and I can say I have never heard of anything like it before, and although it looked action orientated you also have challenging decisions to make. This has now been pre ordered and i cant wait to see more footage and videos of this game over the next few months.

Now the Microsoft conference although it looked good the game line up¬†wasn’t¬†to appealing to me, they did however show off Smart Glass and IE for Xbox, these must appeal to any 360 owner adding another level to the entertainment package. What did¬†disappoint¬†me is the amount of time they spent on the entertainment and the Kinect controls, I think the Kinect is a great idea but i have no intention of ever getting it and i honestly thought the likes of TV channels and movies was already available, adding channels is great but not ground breaking.

The games that did stand out were Splintercell: Black List, Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon.

Splintercell: Black List is the next in the Splintercell series, and this one seems to have increased the action its still stealthy but you kick more ass at least¬†that’s¬†what I got from what I saw from the conference¬†game play¬†I have pre ordered and this is in my to watch list.

Tomb Raider¬†I¬†had heard of before the show but it was good to see the game in action and although they seem to have cut her cup size they¬†didn’t¬†cut down on the action i was very impressed graphically and with the actual game play.

Forza is the best racing game available on the Xbox, Forza Horizon brings the Forza graphics to an open world, like Burnout Paradise and TDU. I’m glad to see more open world racers after the¬†disappointment¬†that was TDU 2. EA are also releasing Need For Speed Most Wanted (Yes this¬†title has been used before) which is open world and is one to watch.

Halo and Gears of war are big with Xbox players but I think they have been milking it for far too long now. Not on my to play list and I dont think I will even play them.

Fable¬†Journey¬†looked great but as i have said above¬†I¬†have no intention of ever getting Kinect, I’m getting the feeling Microsoft spent most of the conference displaying the Kinect and trying to sell more units.

They also showed Black Ops 2 which¬†I’m¬†in two minds over, Call of Duty never advances graphically and the likes of Battlefield in my opinion is a better game.

EA’s conference was as expected, a great show with some nice games. A few new and some which have been on my radar for some time now. They were very sport orientated as usual and if your a sport fan you know your in good hands with EA. I’m not a sports fan but if¬†I¬†was going to get a sport game EA is the way forward.

On the first day of E3 we all knew about Battlefield 3 Premium with its ¬£40 price tag but not what you were going to get for your money, well¬†I¬†wasn’t¬†disappointed and will be getting this once pay day arrives. 4 map packs (I don’t count B2K had it forever) and loads of extra guns and extras, they are also updating battlelog will find out what its like once¬†I¬†get it.

Dead Space 3 and its new Co Op feature was a great watch and looking at the gameplay looks like its going to appeal to old fans and new great to see more Co Op coming to games team work is great in games Co Op is the way forward.

I had¬†already¬†seen a video for the new Sim City,¬†I¬†think its the best yet, its more graphically advanced and still keeping with the original game play. They also showed off Sim City¬†Social for Facebook and in my eyes was an attack on Farm Ville lets see how it pans out¬†I¬†hope it does well to stop the pain in¬†everyone’s¬†ass Zynga.

Medal of Honor Warfighter has been seen before and they showed some gameplay footage, I was a little disappointed, Medal of Honor from last year had great GFX  this one looked like it had gone back a little but only time will tell.

EA¬†announced they had joined forces with UFC to add there touch to the UFC and if the video is anything to go off it wont be disappointing . I’m not a sport fan but¬†I¬†might get this for the fact¬†I¬†like to watch UFC now and again.

Need For Speed Most Wanted its like Burnout Paradise just better looking with actual cars, totally open world and you race to compete against your friends to become the most wanted illegal street racer. Cant wait to get my hands on another open world racer. They should set the standard, Burnout Paradise is still an all time favourite of mine.

They also showed Fifa, NBA and Madden these games never change in my eyes if your a sports fan buy them if not you wont be missing anything. I’m an original Starwars fan so I’m¬†disappointed¬†by¬†anything¬†that is released to do with StarWars just makes me wish they had of left the three original films alone. So SWTOR is a no go for me.

I can’t say much about Crysis 3 I liked the first, didn’t care about the second, and the third doesn’t appeal to me either. Its not a franchise I have had much game time with so don’t think I hate it, I just can’t comment on a game I don’t think I will like.

With the PS+ games give away that took most PlayStation gamers by surprise they then showed some of the most graphically advanced games I have ever seen.

Beyond is by the creators of Heavy Rain and is definitely on my watch list, superb graphics but it has left me in two minds as I did play Heavy Rain but after a while I just stopped.

God Of War Ascension is another one for the franchise and like Halo and Gears Of War doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen before. I will keep my eyes on this one as i have played all God Of War games from the franchise and I have never been disappointed. Its a violent and¬†aggressive game which gives you a challenge and a great story line.

The Last Of Us is the next game from Naughty Dog the creators of Uncharted, it looks amazing and brings everything you want to see from a game about a post apocalyptic¬†landscape, a fight to survive and stay alive with the action and violence to go with it . They have made a gem here, and I think its gonna sell like hot cakes on release. If you have a PlayStation and you haven’t pre ordered this game you need to get checked. This is a must have game.

PlayStation All Star Battle Royal has it all cross play and cross platform (PS3 & Vita) what you do on your PS3 will be on your PS Vita, this need to be¬†implemented¬†into more games. To put it lightly this is PlayStations version of Smash Bros and it looks just as good. I have pre ordered the PS3 version and think this is gonna be a great seller, will be good to see more video’s in the future.

I don’t have PS Move and like Kinect I have no intention of buying it. They showed wonderbook which looks like there bringing more AR to the PS3 only the Future will tell if this is going to be a good selling point.

They showed PlayStation Suite again which has now changed its name to PlayStation Mobile, they have partnered up with HTC but didn’t really show much on the subject so keeping my eyes peeled for more info.

The PlayStation Vita will now be getting released in Crystal White (Not sure Worldwide), they talked about the YouTube app and a few new games coming to the Vita but not much footage. They did have a load of games at the show, and ill be blogging more about them in the Future.

Game of the show – Watch Dogs

Conference winner – Ubisoft

Well hope you enjoyed the read leave me a comment about how my¬†grammar¬†is crap below ūüėČ