My Virginmedia TiVo

After a long and painful phone call to India and the disappointing fact that if I change me services it would cost me more for less. I decided to call back for a second opinion and saved myself some cash got a free TiVo box kept my V+ box. Not sure why Virginmedia outsource there call centres, the UK based do a perfect job and the one in India seems to be unable to help with anything.

Virgin has brought out a new group of bundles called the collection, I downgraded my internet to save a little cash but got a TiVo box and multi-room for free. I had to wait 2 weeks for an install but around 30 mins after the engineer arrived i was up and running. Its been a week and I’m not sure how I lived without TiVo before, its recommendations are unreal and I’m now watching more shows then ever, even shows I never thought about watching before. Just a few clicks of the thumbs up or thumbs down and it starts recommending, I’m still new to TiVo and its not difficult to use but i do make the odd mistake. It has laods of apps, i have only used  Spotify and YouTube apps but they are better then my laptop at handling most of this stuff.

If your a Virgin customer i would highly recommend you phone to see about getting an upgrade or joining a new collection. You wont be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “My Virginmedia TiVo

  1. Walter says:

    Tivo is a business of liars thieves and cheats. They openly admit that I have not had a unit with them since May 2011, but want money from me because I never “formally” called to cancel. How about “I don’t have to pay for what I did not use.” They are turning my bill for $6.95 over to a credit agency! Hahahaha! Assholes.

    • Fortunately in the UK we hire our equipment from our cable provider. This means once you cancel your contract its up to them to collect the equipment at a time suitable for you. On a side note if they have admitted that you haven’t had a unit and you have it in writing they cant claim you owe anything unless its stated in your signed agreement.

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