Time for some single player games

After a few months/years of playing mainly online games, with the habit of playing single player now and again, I decided on Sunday that I would actually play and finish a single player game. Now as I have just spent £40 on Battlefield 3 Premium I chose that game.

If I’m going to play a single player game, I always check the Trophies/Achievements, if you need to finish the game on Hard why start it on easy. I also see if there are any mission trophies/achievements too and Battlefield 3 is full of them, some hard and some easy.

 I kicked it off Monday afternoon with a fresh game on hard, I got stuck on Operation Guillotine L there seemed to be an objective I couldn’t do, well after numerous restarts and load last checkpoint, I ended up rushing past the objective and got stuck again L further into the game. Well I called it a day and on Tuesday started from where I got stuck, luckily I got past the part I got stuck on. Well last night I got up to the second last mission and I’m currently trying to get the headshot the wooden target trophies.

 As I mainly play multiplayer I never really thought of the story line for Battlefield 3 until playing it, to be totally honest it’s a bit of a muddle you’re here one minute, there the next, and at some point you’re in the middle. That said I’m following the story and it’s not bad, it’s not the best but it’s keeping me in the game and that what the story line of a game should do.

 After playing this I have decided to try and concentrate more on single player and a little less on multiplayer, I have about 6 games I have either never played or have finished the first mission then only played multiplayer.  

 After paying £80 in total for the game and the add on I can tell you I’m happy, and I still have 3 DLC to get later this year and next.

 The only thing I’m left thinking now is what to play next?


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