You can’t get any closer then close quarters – BF3

With my unexpected return to Battlefield 3 two weeks ago I have gone from rank 18 – 34.5. There has been two double XP weekends, which has helped a lot. I normally play conquest with the rest of my friends, but always seem to get a low score, as I bought Premium and have close quarters I decided to try some up close and personal action. Some games I manage to get 20,000 xp minimum and 100,000 on average this has made my rank shoot up. I was a low rank to start and think this has enticed me to play more, I agree with most peoples view on Close Quarters, it’s more like an attempt to get CoD fans to switch to Battlefield. I’m not a huge CoD fan, I prefer games that advance CoD has stood still with minor tweaks.

My first game on Conquest Domination ended very fast and with a very low score, I was using a assault rifle and my enemies were using shotguns. The second game I switched to a 870MCS and after unlocking some new addons dominated, and then I managed to unlock the SPAS-12 and continued to dominate in style. I have since been switching between classes to unlock up to Service Stars, meaning I’m unlocking all the guns for every class.

I have however been kicked from games for using the shotguns, although the enemies who’s server it was had a shotgun himself. I would like to point out that if your the admin for a server obey your own rules rather then breaking them. No base rape or spawn camping too, they do it and when you do it back you get kicked. I think EA/Dice should let you report servers that do this to stop the Bullshit from happening.

The four new maps for Close Quarters are tight corridors with some medium sized open space and the maps have the usual destructive personality i think you can destroy about 90% of them and the game just keeps going 🙂

Can’t wait for the Armoured Kill Expansion, Huge maps with mass vehicles 🙂 its all about the twisted metal.


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