BattleField 3 – The Quest For Platinum (Again)

So after 12 hours in total playing BattleField 3 single player last week, I finished the Campaign on hard, although i think i could have finished in around 9 hours if my game didnt glitch. That was followed by a great weekend of Double XP, i then had a quick glance at the trophies i still needed to get, and asked a friend to help me out with the Co-Op. Turn’s out this is a hidden desire of shear greatness which hidden behind the mass that is multiplayer. Although there seemed to be Comms lag we got used to each others gaming style, we soon found a great combo, i was shooting first and my friend taking the second shot (On The Trophy Specific Missions) which help us clear Co-Op on easy and get the mission specific trophies. I have now set my goal on the the BattleField 3 platinum, there are four more trophies i need to get and then its all about the Multiplayer. Hopefully on Wednesday my friend will be joining me to finish Co-Op on hard and get the last Mission specific trophy.

If you havent played Co-Op on this game you have missed a great addition to the game that you can jump on when you dont really want to play online with the masses. I had already finished the first two mission when the game was first released, but with the lag and other problems it wasnt really up to much, although it seems to be great now.

Get your ass on Co-Op and see if you enjoy it as much as me.


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