Bethesda The Fall & Fall


 Now I’m going to start by going back to over 6 years ago when I was a big 360 gamer, I bought The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in March 2006 due to it being highly recommended by gamers I played with and also having great reviews. After a few months of playing I soon realized my game had glithched, not so much so it was unplayable but I couldn’t get some achievements and complete some quests and tasks. Now this was a known problem to Bethesda but nothing was done about it until it was too late for some gamers. Needless to say I got the update but it didn’t fix any problems I had, I contacted Bethesda and was simply told that the game I had played and enjoyed for months had to be started again, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able get all the achievements and do all the quests and some tasks. That was the end of that game for me I had spent far too much time on it to have to start again.

I hadn’t lost all hope in Bethesda and in November 2008 I bought Fallout 3 for my PS3 another great game which could keep a gamer going for months. Unfortunately this game had numerous problems on the PS3 random crashing and locking up. I still played but got very frustrated. Then the DLC was released on 360 and I thought ok ill wait for it to be released on PS3 but it wasn’t released until May 2009. When Bethesda’s Todd Howard was asked about the DLC coming to PS3 he simply said “No not at this time”. I decided not to get the DLC as I had got bored of the crashing which was still happening even when the GOTY edition was released.

Now you would have thought with these two games not being at there best on release, I might have been begrudge in getting Skyrim and at first I was, but in the end I decided surely they couldn’t mess up another game, I was wrong, and they could. At the start the game ran fine, but then it started crashing and lagging frequently and some unlucky peoples saves that got over 6mb would become corrupt. There were again numerous quest glitches, and again I couldn’t get some trophies or finish some tasks. I played as much as I could and waited for a patch to fix the quests but unfortunately the patch only fixed quests I hadn’t started. I soon became bored of this game and sold it while it was still worth something. Several patches later and from some peoples comments Bethesda still hasn’t fixed the game properly. In May 2012 the Dawnguard DLC was announced for the 360, I like most people thought this would be a 30 day exclusive but in gaming news today this doesn’t look like the case. Bethesda’s Pete Hines said “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news” he then hit out at gamers saying “expecting or demanding something today is unfounded”. Going off the Fallout 3 DLC gamers may have a long wait.

I like most gamers find the way Bethesda has handled all the problems with the above three games to be very poor. And I also wonder how much Microsoft paid Bethesda for the exclusivity of Fallout 3 and Skyrim. It seems PS3 & PC gamers have been given the short straw.

Also announced today by Bethesda was the Dishonored pre order bonus DLC, after the news of the long wait for Dawnguard for PS3 gamers, why should they give Bethesda there business. I for one will not be getting Dishonored and may not get another Bethesda title.

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Gaming Headset FTW

Over the past few years of my gaming life I have used a full surround sound system, that was until I moved in with my partner. My partner isn’t a gamer, and surround sound isn’t for her, she thinks stereo sound the same as Dolby 5.1, she also thinks HD is the same as SD. Well since our son came along 19 months ago, I have had to sit at night with the TV on its lowest volume whispering into my headset trying to be a team player. That was until now.

After countless views of reviews and everything, I decided to look around at a few gaming headsets. The few that had great reviews were:

  •  Madcatz Tritton AX Pro
  •  Madcatz Tritton AX 720
  • Astro A50
  • Astro A40
  • Official PlayStation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset
  • Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital

All had good points, and all had bad, the Official PlayStation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset has 7.1 but its virtual surround . I decided in the end to go with the Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital.

 I ordered them Friday 13th and received them Monday 16th Thanks to Amazon UK, price was under £100 and were the second least expensive but full Dolby Digital 5.1. The Madcatz Tritton AX Pro is £150 and the exact same headset as this and if it was the same price I would have ordered them instead.

 Setup was easy about 5 minutes and it’s a very straight forward headset with a lot of great features. You can set the volume on each speaker set, so front, rear, center and sub. You can adjust the volume for just the game sound or team comms.

 I first tested the sound on Virtual Fighter 5 which was only in Pro Logic, sound quality was load and clear, as I had just got it and I’m a typical bloke I of course pressed every button available (Not the greatest idea). I then played Warhammer 40k Space Marine which was 5.1 Dolby Digital and the guys I was playing with also told me the comms was clear as day. My friend who also owns a pair talked me through why I had too much Bass and no front sound, all due to the random button pressing.

 On Tuesdays I play Uncharted 2 which was also in 5.1 and I could hear the enemies from every which way chased them down and was the top scorer 3 games in a row

 Tonight I will be on Battlefield 3 which is also in full Dolby Digital 5.1, if I go off my current gaming experiences with this headset I’m expecting a much better night.

 See you on the Battlefield – BF3 – SNR Senior Gamers server.