Minecraft: FTW


Ok last week a friend posted on the Senior Gamers form about how he loves minecraft, I had heard of it and though I would give it a bash. Having only a craptop I tried it on that and it wasn’t a very good experience, mainly due to stutter from using 100% of my CPU and Memory. Well I had a look around and found a terrain mod which changes the blocks into very low res and the game now runs. I was pleasantly surprised at just how addictive this little game is, survival mode is what I play rather then creative mode. I currently have a house in a cave and a couple of mines going. I can find iron and coal but still looking for the diamond ore 😉 .

After a couple of days on that I was then told to look at an Android app called Minecraft Canary to help with playing. While looking I stumbled onto Mincraft Pocket Edition omfg this game is like the full game in your pocket. The P.E is still only in Alpha build but has a great selection of items from the full game and is getting better with every update.

On the P.E I have a full two story house and three mines 😆 I can honestly say im addicted.

There is a P.E demo available which has unlimited use of some items and is great for a try before you buy 🙂