Uncharted 3 – Showing What Free 2 Play Will Do

I’m a casual uncharted 3 player and play every other Tuesday, as I don’t play daily I have next to no gun unlock, and by the looks of it you need to play daily and on every mode just to unlock them. As if that’s not bad enough Naughty Dog has introduced special unlockable perks which add god knows what, these perks can also be purchased from PlayStation Store. Playing yesterday I found that 75% of the people on the opposite team have every perk available unlocked and the game was nearly impossible, so impossible that a member of our party jumped ship. The game just wasn’t enjoyable for anyone in our group, these player might have unlocked the perks by playing or purchased them from the store but with some perks and gun mods it basically cancels out the negative action of the perks.

In the end we played some coop just to have some fun rather then getting slaughtered by players who basically played more then us or paid for the perks.

As you can tell from the title, in my opinion this is what Free 2 Play games are going to be like. Casual gamers who don’t want to purchase anything will be in the majority and be unable to compete with the minority of players who will be paying to play. Map packs and DLC are what games should be about not pay to play. I have never been bothered by the price of games, if I enjoy the game I will get the DLC, if not I have paid £40 to enjoy what I paid for.

Do you agree with the above or have a different view please comment below.


Bethesda Still Failing

In July I posted about how disappointed I was with Bethesda, and how I thought they were failing PlayStation 3 gamers. It seems months on and the Dawnguard DLC might never come to the PS3, New reports from Bethesda are saying there having issues getting Skyrim DLC to run how they would like on the PlayStation 3. Is this another kick to the PS3 gamers who had to wait for the latest update and now may never get the Dawnguard DLC?

In other news there new Hearthfire DLC has just been released on the 360 will this DLC ever come to the PS3, probably, but not in the near future.

In my original post back in July said I wouldn’t trust Dishonored to be fully working on release due to the problems with Fallout 3 and the Oblivion series. But Peter Hines has stated that it actually runs fine on the PS3 and press who have played it at Pax, QuakeCon & Gamescom will confirm this. Also seeing as Dishonored was Developed By Arkane Studios rather than Bethesda who is only the publisher, this game might actually work from release. I hastily said I wouldn’t be getting it, and although I might not get it on release, I may still get it, just after its been fully tested 😉


Social Media Gaming and Free 2 Play

A few months back I gave up on Facebook, with the non stop pictures I don’t care about, and the endless game invites I don’t want to play filling my time line. I literally thought it was no longer a social media site and more a gaming site.

Originally as a Gamer and having family who played Farmville daily, I started playing too, not to the degree of my family, but needless to say it filled in a small chunk of my life. The problem with these kinds of games is there free, but to get anywhere you need to buy items just to get the smallest task done. Therefore to get further in the game you end up spending £££. Not only that but you need an army of friends to send and receive items to and from just to play.

At E3 2012 EA announced Simcity Social, and as a fan of Simcity I jumped straight onto it. The advert for it was great saying it was different bigger and better then Farmville, unfortunately it wasn’t, it had the same playability, with its add 10 friends to get anywhere objectives. I know I don’t have 10 friends who would want to play it, so I prity much stopped playing after a week.

Zynga, EA, Ubisoft and Gameloft are just a few companies that come to mind with these kinds of social media games. The thing is why are they so popular? I can’t be bothered to piss around doing the same thing over and over. Yet there are thousands of player’s on these games. I recently bought a Nexus 7, one of the recommended games was by Gameloft called The Oregon Trail. As a new tablet user I decided to try it out, kind of a test for game’s on the device. Well yet again 5 minutes in and you need to add 5 friends, as I no longer have Facebook, I now have no choice but to search for Gameloft users and hope they accept my invite just to get anything done. I could of course just delete it and never play it again. The other thing with this games is you need to spend £££ just to get the game into full swing fast.

Facebook lost me due to it being more about the games and less about being social with friends and family. And now these F2P games are making me not want to play them. Major game developer’s are claiming F2P is the way forward, to me this isn’t the case, it will be the rich get further and the poor get nowhere. I have seen this kind of thing already when playing UC3, people paying for perk items to increase there stats making it harder for the casual gamers like me to progress further in the game.

There is an exception, if the payable perks do nothing more then change the look of something, say your guns and cars but leave the gameplay as is, there is no advantage other then looks, maybe if you have a base you can kit it out with payable goods.

I understand why developer’s are doing this with the constant cost of multiplayer games mounting up with the running costs of servers ect.

With games like CoD having Elite, and Battlefield 3 having premium, this must have raised the money to keep the servers running and the man power costs for making the DLC.

I’m not for or against F2P but i’m not gonna be happy if I have to spends £££ just to match other gamers in a game.