Bethesda Still Failing

In July I posted about how disappointed I was with Bethesda, and how I thought they were failing PlayStation 3 gamers. It seems months on and the Dawnguard DLC might never come to the PS3, New reports from Bethesda are saying there having issues getting Skyrim DLC to run how they would like on the PlayStation 3. Is this another kick to the PS3 gamers who had to wait for the latest update and now may never get the Dawnguard DLC?

In other news there new Hearthfire DLC has just been released on the 360 will this DLC ever come to the PS3, probably, but not in the near future.

In my original post back in July said I wouldn’t trust Dishonored to be fully working on release due to the problems with Fallout 3 and the Oblivion series. But Peter Hines has stated that it actually runs fine on the PS3 and press who have played it at Pax, QuakeCon & Gamescom will confirm this. Also seeing as Dishonored was Developed By Arkane Studios rather than Bethesda who is only the publisher, this game might actually work from release. I hastily said I wouldn’t be getting it, and although I might not get it on release, I may still get it, just after its been fully tested 😉


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