Uncharted 3 – Showing What Free 2 Play Will Do

I’m a casual uncharted 3 player and play every other Tuesday, as I don’t play daily I have next to no gun unlock, and by the looks of it you need to play daily and on every mode just to unlock them. As if that’s not bad enough Naughty Dog has introduced special unlockable perks which add god knows what, these perks can also be purchased from PlayStation Store. Playing yesterday I found that 75% of the people on the opposite team have every perk available unlocked and the game was nearly impossible, so impossible that a member of our party jumped ship. The game just wasn’t enjoyable for anyone in our group, these player might have unlocked the perks by playing or purchased them from the store but with some perks and gun mods it basically cancels out the negative action of the perks.

In the end we played some coop just to have some fun rather then getting slaughtered by players who basically played more then us or paid for the perks.

As you can tell from the title, in my opinion this is what Free 2 Play games are going to be like. Casual gamers who don’t want to purchase anything will be in the majority and be unable to compete with the minority of players who will be paying to play. Map packs and DLC are what games should be about not pay to play. I have never been bothered by the price of games, if I enjoy the game I will get the DLC, if not I have paid £40 to enjoy what I paid for.

Do you agree with the above or have a different view please comment below.


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