My Multi Platform Woes

As a multi platform gamer its hard to get a good balance between consoles. As I tend to lean more towards the PlayStation these days I tend to spend more on games for that rather then my other consoles. My DS hasn’t been turned on for I don’t know how long and with the price of Vita games I only buy them now and again (not that there is much choice). I don’t tend to buy the same games for each console but I do make the odd exception. I have some life long friends who play xbox and if they want to play Coop or anything I will buy a second copy. That is where the confusion and forgetfulness kicks in, as an example I have Borderlands 2 on my Ps3 and 360 I play each whenever I have a chance and whenever my mates are on. The problem is I find myself doing missions I either haven’t unlocked or haven’t started but think I’m doing on the opposite console and I search my backpack and safe for weapons I have on the other console. To add to the frustration when you finally get into one quest you tend to do the same on the other console just you know what to expect and what weapons to take. This somewhat spoils the game and if your playing coop it starts to spoil it for the other players.

Here’s hoping the next generation of consoles will be cross platform so ps4 and 720 players can play games together. I just keep thinking about pc gamers and the fact they can play the same games with different hardware against each other. Surely this is a possibility in this day and age for consoles too.


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