Medal Of Honor: Warfighter ßeta My First Impressions

Well I’ve only had a couple of games on this and to be honest the first game I played I was disappointed but the second I actually had sone fun. The ßeta is only one map and one game mode called Hot spot the players attack and defend randomly selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium in Bosnia. Firstly the menu seems slow and sluggish, this really does need improved but as it’s a ßeta its not a finished game it may be different in the full game. Graphics wise I was expecting MoH 2010 and it’s no where near as good, it’s graphically on par with most CoD games. The main in-game  HUD is very busy and there is far too much information taking up too much of the screen, the ammo and map should/could be half the size, also the kill cycle takes up around 30% from the left of the screen and is very off putting. My first game was as I said above was disappointing, I’m not sure if it was due to my over expectations. After a few more games I thought this isn’t half bad, I unlocked 3 more classes/soldiers but unfortunately I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to use as I quit to the menu to try them, they were still showing locked. Don’t think I have any gun unlocks yet but as the menu is so non user friendly I’m unable to see what’s new :-\ although it does show I have something unlocked. It plays very well and is more fast paced then EA’s flagship game BF3, also as most people will say it’s got a more CoD like feel. I find the hip fire to be very poor and as it takes a while to ADS you sometimes get killed before you have time to aim. After a few rounds you soon get used to it and can choose when it’s best to fire from the hip or go for the ADS shots. It has the usual primary to secondary switch speed as most games. Although a few videos on YouTube say there’s no real physical problems like falling through maps or getting stuck I seem to have managed to find a few places where I got stuck.

I found MoH 2010 to be similar in the way that at first it was hard to play and not very enjoyable but after a short amount of time playing it was easier and I found the game to be better to my then favourite Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Have you had a chance to play? What’s your thoughts, please comment below.


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