When Lag Strikes

The number one enemy for any online gamers is lag, this seems to be the consensus between everyone. Casual gamers probably don’t mind lag as there casual gamers but for regular gamers its the bane of your night. Although its not the end of the world, it sometimes feels like it is. Your having a perfect game a few people join and within seconds the game is over and your team has lost. This happened to me last night while I was playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier with a friend. The thing is last night the problem was from the start to finish. We both seemed to be affected by it but I couldn’t help and think after the fourth host migration everyone must be feeling this. I soon thought I must be wrong watching the kill cam replays I was getting shot from two foot from either side and getting one shot killed. I constantly found myself chasing people with my silenced smg shooting them for a few seconds only for them to turn around and one shot kill me :-\ go figure. The majority of the players were American and I think this was the main problem as I’m in the UK, one guy seemed to be having the game of his life 30 kills to 3 deaths. I also found that most of the time a was running into the opposition and before i pulled the trigger i was dead and the kill cam showed me getting shot before going around the corner or even sometimes getting shot through cover.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier like most multiplayer games uses a P2P multiplayer system so we are all connected via each others connections they will them implement a slow down to the host and each player individually so the speeds are matched accordingly. This system in my eyes has never worked and causes more problems then anything else. A triple A title should have its own servers so everyone is connected via a central hub and the latency constantly monitored and changed to make everyone’s connection equal. Doing this will stop most lag and keep all gamers happy. The reason it needs monitored is no one’s connection is 100% stable and if someone in the house starts watching YouTube video’s it will slow the connection causing lag but if it’s monitored and everyone else’s changed it should keep the game flowing smoothly. The other thing is localisation if I’m in the UK let me play with others in the UK or give me an option to only play with people in my local CoD MW2 had this option and I loved it as I never noticed much lag and if I did it was only for a few seconds which suited me fine.

Does lag ruin your gaming nights, or do you think its a crap gamers excuse? Comment below.


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