Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review

Medal Of Honor

One of the most underrated games of the past few years in my opinion is MoH 2010, with the poor reviews it just wasn’t a good seller. The reviews all said the same it was trying to be Call Of Duty, it seems CoD is the only FPS out there in the eyes of most reviewers. This year was the same with the release of MoH Warfighter, comparing a game to CoD because it has gun’s in it is ridiculous. MoH didn’t have much of a chance with the likes of Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 being released around the same time. Unfortunately the reviews came out late due to a massive day one patch and the reviewers getting the game the week of release, along with disgruntled PS3 gamers that didn’t get a chance to play the Ɵeta it all adds up. Due to a labeling issue I received my game a week and a half late and with other games also being out I didn’t have much time to play MoH Warfighter. Last weekend I finally had a spare couple of hours to start the Campaign and to try the games multiplayer.

The Campaign

Following on from MoH 2010 the story has a few familiar faces the like Voodoo, Mother, Preacher and Dusty. The plot starts off with a huge explosive start (literally) which is a stepping stone into the story, and after a short amount of time your hooked.

I started the campaign on hard first, this is required to unlock Teir 1 and Hardcore mode, I wasn’t aware of that at the time but if your gonna play a game play it on the hardest setting its the only way šŸ˜‰
The controls are similar to any standard FPS so if you have played one you will be able to pickup and play, to break up the game there’s a couple of non shooting missions which is a slight breather from being cannon fodder. Graphically this game is probably one of the better but you still see the faint liner lines. Sound, light and shadows are what can be expected of a frostbite 2 game along with the movement of your character jumping over obstacles and rushing around. In order to get your full gamerscore or Platinum trophy the minimum play through of the campaign is three times or two with a couple of mission selects for cleaning up missing achievements/trophies.

The campaignĀ itselfĀ is great, if you enjoyed any of the Battlefield Series you will enjoy this one. I found Battlefield Bad Company story comical in a way with the stupidity of your squad and the jokes throughout even with people around you dying. This game has a more serious feell just like MoH 2010, with squad mates dying and people scrambling around you, to be totally honest at the end I thought to myself jesus that was emotional. This is what makes a great campaign, I think the campaign on hard took me around 7 hours in total, trophy clean up around 1 hour. I have just finished Hardcore, I was expecting it to last around 3 hours a mission as there isn’t checkpoints and a couple of lucky hits and it’s game over and you start again from mission 1. It took me several playthroughs to get it done and when you are on the last mission and you get killed on the last door breach you just want to give up šŸ˜€ as usualĀ IĀ kept my cool and started again (after crying myself into a ball on the foor). AI is not the best in this game they kill around 5% of all enemies in the whole game. Your the last to enter a door breach but its up to you to kill all the enemies, once in a while the AI will kill one guy for you.

Campaign Difficulties

Easy – You can take more damage and the enemies have poor aim. With Checkpoints

Normal – You take a little less damage and the enemies have good aim. With Checkpoints

Hard – You get hit three times and your dead enemies aim is perfect. With Checkpoints

Tier 1 – Same as hard but with no HUD

Hardcore – Same as hard but without checkpoints and if you die you start theĀ campaignĀ again.Ā If you exit/quit Hardcore your checkpoint and campaign progress is saved (If your under heavy fire and quit the campaign starts again)

The Multiplayer

Due to me spending so much time on single player and only playing a couple of rounds of Sector Control and Combat missionsĀ IĀ haven’t had a chance to play much multiplayer, I will either edit this blog at a later date or write a new one multiplayer specific.