Far Cry 3 My GOTY


Well since I finished the MoH Warfighter single player I decided to jump on Far Cry 3, and this is now my Game Of The Year 2012. I was already a fan of the series, I briefly remember playing Far Cry on my PC and Far Cry 2 was a favorite of mine on 360 and PS3. This has all the dynamics of a RPG mixed in with a FPS. Running through the jungle taking down pirates and a private army what’s not to like? Then mix inĀ  hunting, botany and tribal missions and your in heaven. I’m around 54% completion of single player which isn’t bad for a week of non stop action and lost time incidents.

Imagine Far Cry 2 just graphically better with a hint of Red Dead Redemption and a sprinkling of Assassin Creed, to me this sums up Far Cry 3. Climbing towers like in assassins Creed to open the map. Take over enemy strongholds like in Far Cry 2, hunting animals and collecting plants like Red Dead Redemption. Massive open island for you to adventure in, seas,rivers and lakes to swim in and mountains to climb.

As if that’s not enough they have mixed in a fantastic story that keeps you locked in, even after going off to do your own thing, you still remember the story and can jump straight back in to it. Voice casting is perfect and it makes the gameplay more fluent. I’m not bothered about topless nudity or bad language but this game contains it so in my eyes not for young kids.

There is a coop which is a prequel to the main story and great fun to play, a good thing about it is the xp gained from the Coop adds to your overall multiplayer xp. You can also use your personal loadouts and unlocks gained by leveling up. The multiplayer has the usual modes and I haven’t noticed any lag which is a huge bonus. The only downside is the comms on both coop and multiplayer are very echoey and to be honest the only downside is have found in this game. It’s totally unbearable and the guys I play with also have the problem so we know it’s not just me.

If you haven’t picked it up yet your missing out on a great game and as my title says you’re missing out on the GOTY in my opinion. If your getting this for Christmas your gonna have a great Christmas and new year.