Minecraft Feed The Beast – Mindcrack


A few weeks ago I started playing minecraft feed the Beast, I received an invite from a friend to join a server running the Mindcrack Mod. From the start I did what I would normally do make a small building and start gathering food and Mining. A little way in and I met my friend and looked around his base, he had all sorts of machines and tools. If you haven’t already played minecraft it is very addictive, but due to most community servers having finished the game you basically end up just doing the basics, slowly making your way towards the end which has already been finished.

The Mindcrack server I’m playing on has just had to reset due to a few problems. This although bad for the players that were playing was great for me as a new user, although I’m still playing catchup 😀 with the elite 10 hours a day players. Due to the reset no one has been to the end and therefore I can see the end being finished if I wish.

If your new to FTB and are lost it soon comes easy to remember which tools to use and what machines do what job. If your really struggling I would suggest watching a few YouTube videos there’s hundreds of then on there and they help you along the way and some will teach you how to do things better.


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