Minecraft Mindcrack in the twilight YOLO


Weeks in and me and my minecraft buddy decided to unleash hell in the twilight forest, so far we are loosing. A square hole filled with water surrounded by flowers, throw in a diamond and Crash! A strike of lightning and your portal is open, Inside you will discover just how vast minecraft can be. Mounds full of creatures and ghosts, labyrinths full of minotaurs and slime, forests full of wolves. The only thing keeping us alive is our electric jet packs, chainsaws, diamond drills and lappacks. Hours in and we are still barely keeping our heads above water.

When we first entered we discovered the greatest tree in minecraft thanks to the Feed the Beast mod the twilight oak, this monster of a tree stands around 100 blocks high and around 8 blocks wide it  has a hollowed middle for those of you who want to climb to the top for a view of the surrounding area. The only real problem is the Skeleton Druid which spawn in the druid houses scattered all over the twilight, they poison you as it fires poisoned balls form there golden hoe. These are easily slain and tbh easy to avoid using the jet pack.

The mounds are full to the brim with ores and precious stones, also there’s around 10 chest scattered around the inside. There is a constant spawn of zombies, skeletons, ghosts, fire beetle and pinch beetle aswell as the random redcap goblin and Kobold. This sounds dangerous and if your not vigilant it is, we have died more times in the short time in the twilight then we have in any other place in minecraft combined.

The labyrinths probably hold the greatest treasures, these are protected by minotaurs and slime with the usual mobs kicking about. They are made up of maze stone one of the only blocks capable of killing a diamond drill and turtle. There’s 2 levels to each labyrinths and it’s a maze to find your way down, the main boss is a minotaur/mooshroom combined Minoshroom with a huge damage hit one hit will kill you unless you have armour on. Scattered around each level is numerous chests some protected by TNT traps. In each labyrinth is a hidden treasures room surrounded by the maze stone it’s almost impossible to penetrate and the fact it is also surrounded by TNT traps it’s impossible to get in to the chests inside. We have tried two and not succeeded in getting in.

We haven’t entered a Lich tower or found a Hydra, yet, Maybe we will find one this weekend.

Anyone else played Mindcrack? I’m a little addicted and the extras add a totally new element to Minecraft.


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