Hitman Absolution Finally


Last week I had a chance to finally start playing Hitman Absolution, I have only had it since release so £40 not so well spent (it’s now £15), yet again. I haven’t played Hitman for ages so it is good to see that it’s still as good as the originals, I don’t think they have deviated much from the originals but it great fun to play. I only managed to play the first 3 missions and I replayed the second one to see about unlocking the unlockable’s and it seems they follow on so you can unlock them all over a few play throughs.

I normally play through a mission fast killing everyone and finding secret passages and hidden, I love doing this its a kind of stress release as killing them at point blank in the face going into slow motion and thinking wow. It is a gruesome game and very bloody but not in a bad way, I wouldn’t like my nephews (12 and 9) to play it. The story so far is great but I can’t see myself playing more then once through the full game unless it gets a lot more action packed.

I got this on release and played the sniper challenge before playing, I lost all my saves due to my ps3 dying on me therefore I lost a lot of unlocks. I restarted but really couldn’t be bothered to try and get the top score again. I also haven’t seen where to select your guns at the start of the mission’s I can only assume you are cant :-\

If anyone reading this knows how to select weapons please leave a comment below.

Can’t wait to have another couple of spare hours to get this game finished.


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