Ghost Recon Online F2P (PC)

Ghost Recon Online

To be honest I normally hate Free to play games, after a little time you realise you need to pay to get anywhere. I understand that this is how free to play games make there cash, that said while watching Ubisoft Watch Dogs trailer I saw an advert for Ghost Recon Online. I clicked a few links and downloaded it, being on night shift I left it to it while I slept when I woke I decided to give it a go.

I’m a fan of most Ubisoft Tom Clancy games, GRAW, R6V and lately Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Playing Ghost Recon Online you get the same feel as most of then but essentially it’s free. I had around 6 games and will definitely be playing it again. Although I won’t normally buy anything from free to play games I’m sure I will on this game. The players I was playing against had better rank and guns but as I was using cover well I was holding my own which is unusual for a free to play game. You normally find your opposition with higher ranks to have better gun’s but from the few games I played it wasnt noticable.

Controls are the standard PC fromat with not much to remember.

Ghost REcon online controls

You have the abilty to customise your character and there weaopns (below is an image) which adds a little more to the game this is where the free game stops and the paid game starts in most games but just having a few games every so often will soon add to your RP which is the first type of currency in the game this is rewarded for kills combs, doing rewarded tasks (Winning Team, Most Kills) and leveling up your character. You Have three classes to choose from Assault, Sniper and Specialist. Each have there own unique ability like HEAT which shoots a wave of heat from a backpack that gives damages and disrupts your enemies vision.


Wepon Customisation


Grahically the game isnt far from that of Ghost Recon Future Solider and it plays just like Ubisofts AAA title. The cover system is second to none and the transition times between leaping a wall and ADS are great.

Ghost Recon Online Screenshot


This game has changed my view on F2P but in reality this is one in a market full of Freemiuem rippoffs, this should be tried by any PC gamer. I still dont think F2P is whats best for gaming but it’s getting close to the point where you will soon pay a nominal price for a game and bulk up your purchase with microtransactions.


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