DayZ Overwatch

DayZ Logo.jpg

After a few months playing standard DayZ on and off I decided to try a few mods out. The one which looked like it was for me was Overwatch, it has AI and for a mediocre player it’s a good way to practice. The mod is filled with vehicles and guns and with high spawn rates and locations it’s perfect for new players as well as seasoned players. You have the ability to save vehicles and tents so the content will be saved if you die or on server restart.

The main server I play on is Booze Platoon, it’s located in the UK and has friendly admin’s. They helped me getting into the mod and gave me a few pointers to help me get into it.

With the AI preforming random patrols it’s hard not to bump into them and they have good loot. Be careful though as there’s Bandit and Survivor patrols and killing a survivor patrol will result in you becoming an enemy to them.

This is probably one of my favourite mods currently available on DayZ commander.


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