Back To Console

Since January 2013 I have spent more time gaming on my PC then I have my Consoles. It’s not that I don’t want to play on them but I can’t until my family is asleep. This means gaming on the PC is easier and I can do it once my son is tucked up in bed. Games seem cheaper too on the PC which is a huge bonus, and my friend base has grown a lot over the past few months.

Well what has changed? Not a lot really but after spending £460 on a PS4 and 4 games plus a second controller and the camera I kind of feel I wasn’t playing enough so much so that my console friends thought I had disappeared 😀

Since February I have tried to to split my gaming between the two and to be honest I feel better. I play enough on all of them to warrant them and the guys I play with are cool about the time I spend on each.


PC Upgrade

With the huge amount of gaming videos being added to YouTube and being streamed via Twitch I have decided to give it a go. My current rig isn’t capable of doing the job right now so I have decided a CPU upgrade is needed, at around £200 it is almost the equivalent of my current full rig.

My current CPU is a Intel G860 and I’ll be upgrading to a i7 3770 giving me 113% more power in total which is a huge boost.

Fingers crossed this is enough for me to stream or make videos if  not I’ll then be doubling my ram from 8gb – 16gb.


Since My Last Post

Well since my last post my list of PC games has grown significantly, with well over 100 games on steam and with the release of DayZ standalone late in 2013 and also the release of the PS4 my time has been spent playing either. I have basically been playing DayZ Epoch for the most of Q4 2013 along with trying to finish my old PS3 games. Along with work and family, my gaming time has been reduced to a few hours a week rather then the few hours a day.

In Q1 of 2014 I started a few F2P games like Path Of Exile, No Room In Hell along with a few others, League Of Legends seems to be the one which has stuck with me the most. I still play DayZ Epoch rather then the standalone which seems to get more broken the more they update it.

I have decided to try and blog more (same as every year) but the more time I spend blogging the less time I will have to game.