Arma 3 Wasteland


I’ve been spending the last few nights playing and streaming Arma 3 wasteland missions with some steam friends. This game mode is great you find guns and ammo randomly around the level as well as gun, vehicle and general stores placed around to upgrade your gear. The objectives are randomly generated missions and town capture. The great thing about it is when you die it doesn’t take you long to get back into the game battle. There is a group management system to make a group with friends. The survival aspect is to stay alive and to watch you thirst and hunger levels, due to the amount of missions loaded randomly throughout the map you also have NPC’s to watch out for.

You sometimes find yourself lost in a game for hours while a large group tries to hunt you down, the mission file is continually updated with fresh missions or mods to make the game better but sometimes it does the opposite.

The current server I play on has added ATM’s along with vehicle stations to refuel, rearm or repair your vehicles. Unfortunately they have also added map sections to capture along with the town capture points.


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