Archeage Alpha Beta and Everything else


I had no choice but to get the Archeage Archeum founders pack, the extras alone cover double the cost of the pack. After playing a dozen character skill sets out of the hundreds you can use, I decided to stick with the Gypsy, this seemed to be what worked the best for me. I currently play with my friends who are tanks so I take no damage and deal a lot from a distant while they take the brunt of the damage for me. I have vitalism so can heal them which balances it all out. As I played through the Alpha and Beta I decided to use this time to search and experiment rather then playing and following the main story. Although the home, farm and Auction aspect of the game is for Patrons (monthly subscription) only, I feel that the overall cost is great at around half of most current MMO’s. The Free to Play game for those who don’t want to pay the subscription is great, Patrons only receive a speed boost but still have greater costs to constraint to with the likes of land taxes etc. Of course it’s only in open beta currently but my overall feeling is as a free to play MMO you will be spoilt for choice and could play without spending anything happily for your whole time playing.

It has been said that you will be able to purchase Patron status with in game gold made from quests etc.


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