Archeage Failing Already


Well my initial impressions of Archeage during the Alpha and Beta were very positive, unfortunately with the official release they have been very negative.

The headstart was very rough for me with the 3+ hours queues, disconnects when I finally got connected and little to no support from Trion. I actually queued more then I played during the whole of the headstart.

Fortunately they have now issued new servers but this makes little difference to the queues to the old server and with no ability to transfer characters to a less cluttered server people who paid £115 for Alcheum Founder Pack this is a real kick. The items from the founder packs are locked to your characters meaning you can’t get them on new characters.

Although the game plays well with little to no lag, it gets to the point when after queuing for a few hours you can’t be bothered to play when you finally get in.

I’m currently on night shift which means I can get on from around 10am and play for a couple hours before I go to sleep.

Let’s hope they increase the capacity of the servers and close them for new characters meaning the Patron status will actually be worth it.

As the game currently stands Trion have until mid December to make Patron more appealing otherwise I won’t be renewing it.


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